Grow Tomatoes and Peppers Together: You Won’t Regret It!

Growing in small spaces or raised beds can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to figure out which plants can be planted together, and which can’t.

Tomatoes and peppers are closely related, and can do well when planted together. A common 5 gallon bucket is a good enough spot for the pair to call home! You can also add a few additional companion plants to that bucket, which we’ll discuss later on.

So, why should you grow tomatoes and peppers together? Well, stick around and hear me out!

Growing Peppers with Tomatoes: It’ll Save You Space!

I like to inter-plant my tomatoes and peppers to an extent. It truly saves you space! Both are summer-loving vegetables with similar growing conditions, which means they’ll thrive in the same conditions. They also provide each other with a few benefits rather than trying to out-compete each other.

Tomatoes and Peppers Agree to Disagree

Indeterminate tomatoes like to reach for the sky, growing as tall as they can (or vining along, if there’s no trellis or support.) Determinate tomatoes don’t vine, but those varieties are more ideal for the 5 gallon bucket that we mentioned earlier. (We shall dive into this more, shortly.) Check out our tomato seed buying guide to find some indeterminate tomato varieties that you’ve got to try.

As indeterminate tomatoes grow, gardeners tend to prune them back in order to achieve a sense of order and civil conduct. As the later-maturing, short, and bushy peppers begin to bear fruit, they will lounge in the cool mid-day shade that the tomato tops cast upon them; they will still receive plenty of light through the remainder of the day though. The plants will grow at different heights, maximizing space while minimizing competition.

“almost in full bloom”by spablab is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Thus, these two plants are able to share the same space without competing with each other; this cannot be expected of squash or other vines, but these two do very, very well together.

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