Planting Marigolds with Tomatoes

Marigolds and tomatoes: two very popular plants in most home gardens.

You rarely find a veggie garden that doesn’t contain marigolds; well, an experienced gardener’s, anyways!

Marigolds aren’t just beautiful and easy to grow- they’re important for the garden, serving many different purposes.

They’re the unsung heroes of the tomato garden for many reasons, the biggest being that they’ll save your beautiful tomatoes from an enemy that could be lurking in your soil….

Need more convincing? Say no more, and continue on with this article…

How Well Do Tomatoes and Marigolds Fare Together?

Tomatoes and marigolds are star companion plants. Not only do they grow well together, they grow well in similar conditions, too. If your tomato plant is happy with where it is, marigolds will be happy as well.

Growing Conditions for Marigolds and Tomatoes

Marigolds and tomatoes both enjoy full sun, moist soil, and can thrive in many different types of soil. Neither of them enjoy wet feet; I find that the marigolds dislike wet feet even more than the tomatoes do.

You don’t have to worry about providing different levels of water- both are quite hardy. This could get tricky when dealing with water stress in tomatoes (such as cracking), but for the most part, marigolds won’t mind frequent watering while trying to balance out the tomato plant’s watering needs.

When feeding, you will have to take into account the additional needs of the marigold- if you are growing the plants in containers, you may want to add a very little bit of extra fertilizer, up to 15% more. This will keep the marigold happy during the growing season.

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