Eggshells for Tomato Plants: Use This Secret to Avoid a Major Crop Loss!

Egg shells can provide your soil and plants with loads of calcium.

Eggs are a cheap, common food item that many tomato gardeners use quite frequently; thus, they also produce lots of egg shells every week.

It doesn’t take many egg shells to feed your plants, but the little bit that you’ll need could prevent a very aggravating major crop loss.

I introduce you to blossom end rot: one of the most inconvenient (but reversible) issues that you could possibly run into.

If you don’t want to lose hundreds of pounds of fruit due to BER, stick with us and see what we’ve got to say!

Eggshells and Tomato Plants

Eggshells, as we’ve mentioned, are amazing sources of calcium for your tomato plants.

So, how does this calcium help to prevent blossom end rot?

Blossom end rot is the result of a calcium deficiency among many different fruiting plants, including tomatoes, peppers, and melons.

It is exactly what it sounds like: a condition in which the blossom end of an immature fruit begins rotting.

However, calcium deficiency can also be caused by an inability uptake calcium from the soil rather than a lack of calcium within the soil, which can be caused by dry conditions.

Thus, you should water your plants to ensure that your plants are able to take up available calcium. If you are growing in clay soil, this shouldn’t be too frequent of a problem, unless a drought has occurred.

If you find that adequate watering doesn’t solve your BER woes, then eggshells are a great way to go moving forward.

This very basic method will help to restore calcium in your garden beds. It’s organic, safe, cheap, environmentally friendly, and incredibly helpful for your tomato plants.

Eggshell Fertilizer for Tomato Plants

Want to make an eggshell fertilizer that’s calcium rich for your tomato plants? Then, pull out your pots and egg shells!

Or, you could simply boil yourself some eggs, and enjoy a bit of egg salad before your trip to the garden.

Then, there’s the vinegar option….

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